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Record culture magazine

Record Culture magazine: honest stories about music and more

May 21/ErnestaT / News
Record Culture Magazine is a bi-annual publication that focuses on niche music communities around the world.
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What do people do Magazine Cover

What do people do: success stories of the new generation

March 25/ErnestaT / News
What do people do? magazine was shortlisted for Launch of the year 2019 in Stack Awards for Independent Publication.
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Lee Miller Cookbook cover

More than a recipe book: Lee Miller: A Life with Food, Friends & Recipes

May 21/Migle Dumbliauskaitė/ News
A book by Ami Bouhassane, Lee Miller: A Life with Food, Friends & Recipes, has won the cookbook category at the Independent Publisher Book Awards.
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Water journal

Water journal: born from the love of print

January 08/Migle Dumbliauskaitė/ News
Here's a story about one of KOPA clients — a designer, an artist, a magazine lover Edvinas Bružas.
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Cereal magazine flatlay

10 independent magazines, worth the subscription

June 06/Migle Dumbliauskaitė/ News
It’s easy to get lost in a field of independent magazines if you don’t live near a lovely magazine shop. There are so many great titles to choose from and every day new exciting projects emerge. We picked ten independent magazines full of spectacular photos, illustrations, inspiring stories,...
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