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CRUSH Fanzine


Date:17 July, 2017



CRUSHfanzine is quarterly publication based on obsession. Every issue has a different theme and often several covers to choose from. 

The main statement of CRUSHfanzine is “It’s not love, it’s just a crush” reminding of its’ main theme – obsession. Editorial team is Based in NYC and Paris while the magazine is distributed worldwide. 

While CRUSHfanzine covers various fashion topics, they don’t make it all about the trends but rather about the individual. They cover such themes through the eyes of a person, whether it’s a model, an artist, or a designer. But ultimately, it is even more about the delight and enjoyment that the issue has on its readers. In the eyes of French photographer and co-editor of CRUSHfanzine Nicolas Wagner, what makes their small run publication special is that every picture is amazing: “it is more like a gallery project than a real magazine, it’s a collectible item”.  

CRUSHfanzine is printed on an uncoated stock using cutting edge LE-UV technology.