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Custom book printing

Are you ready to create an outstanding art book? We are sure that you already have a good idea on how it’s supposed to look (if you don’t — feel free to contact us and let us help you out with that).

Here at KOPA we can offer you a wide variety of printing, binding and finishing options. There are a lot of ways to make your publication stand out as press customization comes in many different forms.

For example, here are some ways to customize printing:

  • UV printing on uncoated paper. This cutting-edge technology makes it possible to print sharp and very bright images on uncoated paper. You do not have to compromise on quality — choose the paper that you like and make your publication exceptional.
  • Printing on coloured paper. Coloured paper can give your publication a special feel. This is made possible by using  white primer to coat the paper . This process is only possible with UV technology.
  • We can guarantee high and stable quality of printing processes assured by ISO12647-2 standard.


It is also possible to make an outstanding publication through various finishing techniques. Here are some of them:

  • Hot foil stamping (metallic, pigment). If you want that luxurious look, there is nothing like foil to achieve that.
  • Debossing and embossing. Another way to give your publication a unique look. Here are some great examples of this technique.
  • Press finishing: UV varnish (gloss, matte, high relief), laminate (gloss, matte, soft-touch, textured).
  • Post-press processes (cutting, laser cutting).
  • Binding options: stitched-glued, glued, open-spine (black painted open spine, open spine with graphics, 9 types of open spine binding, find them here), thread-sewn, hardcover, perfect bound, binding with coloured thread.
  • Packaging. Safe packaging options in 5-ply gofro-cardboard boxes, individual packaging.