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To make sure that the printed image exactly matches your expectations, pre-press should be taken with great consideration. In this step you can still amend the files to get the final result you expect. 

You should particularly pay attention to:

  • Preparation of the files according to the appropriate ICC profile (for coated/ uncoated paper)
  • Choosing smart design
  • Avoiding low resolution images (less than 300dpi)
  • Keeping at least 3mm bleed
  • Making a wet proof which is printed on the actual paper stock with that very printing machine. Click here for specifications of the wet proof.                                                                                         NOTE: we recommend choosing images which colors you are the most concerned about.

See requirements, how to prepare the files for printing here.

Specifications of hard proof:

  • Maximum format: 600x1500 mm
  • Resolution: 1440 dpi
  • Colour management:  GMG Color Proof
  • Colour measuring equipment: Xrite iOne  Xrite iO automatic table
  • Colour calibration complies with the standard ISO 12647:2004.
  • Equipment: Epson Stylus Pro 7800