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The feeling when You take Your printed project to Your hands, take a deep breath and smile... That's what printing is all about. No other media is capable of rendering artwork as precisely as high quality offset printing.

All we know is that we love to print! That's why we set high quality standarts with LE-UV offset printing machine:

  • Printing on uncoated paper with high colour brilliance (colours on uncoated paper will look as deep as on coated)
  • Smoother background coverage
  • Greater resistance to abrasion or any other physical effects without using a varnish
  • Powder-free production and consequently smooth surfaces

We believe, that quality does not have to be defined by quantity. Even small runs (from 500 pcs.) of art books or magazines can be printed using offset LE-UV technology while staying within your budget. 

Bespoke personalization

We love personalization and there's nothing more special than the artwork that is totally unique. 

You are free to choose:

  • Paper and other material
  • Format
  • Finishing 
  • Binding

Welcome to participate in press

Press passing is the on-press management or quality control of the finished printed work. Even if we are very confident with our printing quality management according to ISO standards, and we work with the most sophisticated printing presses in Europe, printing is still a very subjective art with many variables that can affect the end result. Therefore You are always welcome to participate in printing process.

The production process begins when:

  • reviewed files are approved (soft proof)
  • payment conditions are met
  • all the necessary materials reach the printing house (special paper, paint and other materials)